It is hard for me to put in words what I have just experienced from looking at this picture. As I was scrolling through my grandmother’s photos I came across it. I’m not sure what made me stare at it for so long, I thought maybe my face looked weird so I zoomed in. To my astonishment, it was actually the girl in blue that was the real attention grabber. I gasped, I could not believe it. That girl–who I didn’t know at the time–is a good friend of mine name Cassidy. I would meet her a few days later at my first soccer practice with my college. A girl who I am quite good friends with now.
I sent her this picture and she was equally as amazed. Is it fate? A sign of some sort? Maybe just purely coincidence? The photo itself is a miracle. If this photo was never taken we would have never known that all three of us were in the same vicinity of each other! This makes me think of what other things around me I am missing. Who else could be passing me by that may come into my life at a later time? These questions are much too big for anyone to answer and that is what gives me a feeling of being particularly small in this giant universe of wonders.
The image is even more creepy because of the woman in bronze. She was supposed to be a fortune teller; at first she is a statue, but when you give her a dollar she comes to life and reaches in a box to choose your fortune. In this photo it is my friend Jasmine that is receiving her fortune and the woman is looking into the camera with an omniscient face. As though she knows. We know she doesn’t, but her presence in the photo reminds us of the hand fate may have in our lives.
This picture should serve as a reminder to pay attention to the people around you because you never know who may be passing you by: a future friend or teammate or maybe even a significant other.