The world is silent.

For a moment the stars, the dark cool sky and the ground beneath you are yours; the world belongs to you because it seems, in the hushed silence between car horns and human voices, it seems as though it is only you on this planet. Your greedy eyes look up to the stars and want nothing more than to grab them, hold them closer. You want to twirl and tangle yourself between the threads of silky sky. You desperately want to live in this silence because it is not about the absence of sound it is about an instance between you and the world. Private, secretive; Earth is saying Shh, I love you most, I want this moment only with you. And you give Earth that; you give it your eyes and ears and you inhale its wind and reach out to stroke the air and it feels like you are in this world and it feels like you are loved by it.

You realize again, like times before, how you and Earth are connected; how your tiny life and all its jagged pieces are meaningless as they stand now.