Dear Readers,

I remain angry. I will remain angry and fired up until I see legitimate justice for people who are marginalized.

Today: a group of white men watched as Donald Trump signed into action the Global Gag Rule. This rule prevents funding for ANY health center that even mentions abortion. This is a travesty. This is an international declaration of war on women’s bodies. This will ensure the death of millions of women – especially women living in poverty. We cannot let this stand. I am looking into ways we can fight this and will report back as soon as I hear of any actions we can take.

Today: the White House confirmed that they will be moving forward with the North Dakota Access Pipeline. Although many are not surprised by this announcement, it is the first time the administration has confirmed their plans. This is a travesty. This is an injustice and continuation of America’s attack on Native Indians. This is also a dishonor and devastation to our Earth; she will suffer the most and in turn so will we.

With his executive order on the ACA, his non-military federal hiring freeze, it looks like the first 100 days are going to be brutal. Trump is going to be cutting and gutting a lot of things in the interest of money and we must stay informed and ready to put in work. Please, if you have not done so, reach out to a local organization and ask how you can get more involved.


This week I will be publishing three articles covering student debt, the California water crisis, and why the feminist movement was not built for men. These topics have been popping up in my garden of thoughts lately and I feel it is necessary to tend to them before they die out.

If you have anything you would like to see published please send it in to have your voice heard! Unfortunately, if you have Alternative Facts you would like to publish, we don’t do that here and you might want to consider a job in Trump’s staff instead.

I am working on setting up a donation button so that I can start actually paying those who write for this website. I believe women should be paid for their work! Until it is up and running I hope you can be patient and continue to show love and support.

Thanks for reading,

M. Flores, Chief Gardener