It has only been 9 days since Donald’s inauguration but already he has done significant damage to our country. Most of us saw this coming, but some of you (the ‘give him a chance’ people) are just now realizing the real-life implications of electing this person to office. Especially because it is not just Donald we have to watch, but his more sinister staff, like Bannon who is now a member of the National Security Council (NSC) and whom people suspect to be the Cheeto-in-Chief’s puppeteer. These are dangerous, calculating people who are eager to see the whole system go up in flames – and let us burn with it.

Already they are starting fires in our nation, with executive orders that aim to weaken already marginalized communities. They have us running from one issue to another in a matter of hours or days and, believe me, this is done on purpose. It is to spread us thin, tire us, and create so much chaos that our attempts to stop them are less effective. As I said before: we must resist this. But that is easier said than done. We need an actual structure and plan if we are going to remain organized, so I came up with one for you. I am hoping cities/towns/communities use this structure to help them stay on track so that when we strike, we strike with great impact.

  1. Gather as many people together as you can who are looking to be a part of the resistance. Reach out to local grassroots organizations and ask if they would like to join. The more these groups team up the better!
  2. Once you have this [main] team, split people into smaller teams depending on their specializations/interests. These teams will each have their own issue to focus on like reproductive rights or environmental justice or LGBTQ rights, etc. These teams will decide which actions they need to take like making calls, creating petitions, hosting a teach-in and so forth.
  3. What is crucial to remember is all of these issues are connected in one way or another. There must be communication between each team. Sometimes these teams must link up for one big action, this is inevitable and encouraged.
  4. At the beginning of each meet-up, it is important to have “leaders” from each team come together to brief everyone on all issues. This is important because while we should remain focused on one issue, we must simultaneously care for everybody and everything.

This is not a crazy inventive idea, just a simple frame that can give cities/towns/communities the structure they need to overcome this administration. The more people adopt this frame, the better! Especially if we create some sort of network that will keep each team across the nation connected. So if this is something you want to start, do it! I believe in you. And let me know! And if you have any suggestions to make this structure better, please share. We need our resistance to be as organized as possible if we are going to be doing this for four years.