Dear Readers,

Today I only have a few thoughts. First, my love, my heart, goes out to all refugees and Muslims who have been affected by the ban signed by the coward that is Donald. Second, I want to say thank you to everyone who showed up to airports across the nation to protest this shameful ban. Please, keep resisting, keep disrupting. We need you to remain as strong as possible because these coming weeks are only going to get worse. I do not say this to scare you, but to prepare you.

Brace yourself.

Resistance is never well accepted by people in power, I have said that before. As protests will continue to increase this weekend, many activists (like Feminista Jones and Shaun King) are predicting a crackdown by government forces. Many are also saying that creating chaos is part of the Administration’s plan, it will overwhelm many people to a point that they become disenfranchised/give up. This chaos will also keep people from remaining focused and organized because it will constantly try to pull us in different directions. Resist this.

As many have said, we must remain focused. Shaun King tweeted: “I want to implore all of you to care about EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY while finding a way to develop a specialized, focused cause or two.” He is right. They are going to try to distract us, but we must show restraint. I am thinking of starting some sort of committee/group that breaks people into smaller groups/teams based on specialties and interest (reproductive justice, environmental justice, education issues, etc.). I feel like if we started doing these in our communities it would help us stay organized and have a greater impact. I have emailed some people and I’m trying to see if we can make that structure a trend. I will let you know as soon as I hear back.


Sometimes you may feel scared. That is okay. But do not give into this fear. Donald may start to send feds/national guard on protesters to scare people from resisting. Do not give into this. We must remain strong and remember that we can only overcome this if all of us stand together and continue pushing back.

With love and In Solidarity,

M. Flores