Scientists say our galaxy is traveling through the universe with no real path or purpose. This calms me. I mean, you’re telling me the universe –  this mighty, incredible entity – has entirely no purpose but to live? This makes me feel okay about not having a very clear purpose myself. In fact, it solidifies my idea that we are all just happy accidents. We are all just very lucky that we happened to evolve and that certain particles combined and merged and gave us life. It is all by chance. And we are all just here trying to make a purpose out of everything, to fill the endless time.

This idea should be liberating. For me, it is because it takes the pressures of society off my shoulders. Once you’re free from these pressures and can finally think however you want and just be however you want you will actually realize what the purpose of your life is. I know this sounds very guru-like (or maybe it just sounds like I’m on drugs) but it’s true. There is no purpose of humans. There is no point in life except to live. So how will you spend this one life you are lucky to have? Will you decide to create drama and negative energy? Will you decide to inflict pain on others? Will you focus only on making stacks and stacks of money for yourself? Will you continue to work that job that you hate?  Or will you decide to bring happiness to yourself and joy to others? Will you help lift up others? Will you go for that job that you’ve always wanted? There are so many questions you can ask yourself to help you determine if you are living a purposeful life.

That is the key here: you must both disregard the purpose of life (because there is none) while creating a purposeful life. So forget about the bullshit purpose that society has created for you. Scrap that rulebook and set out to tailor your life with more intent. Kind of like a seamstress. I saw a video recently of how the couture dresses at Chanel were made. It was a beautiful video because it showed how much care, energy, and intent is put into every detail of those dresses. I already knew the process of making one of those dresses takes a lot of work, but I gained a new appreciation for it all. Think of your life like one of those couture dresses, whose beads and feathers are sewn on one by one. Sew on every detail of your life one by one, with care, and you will start to fall in love with your life.

That is one of my news year’s resolutions for 2017,  to live with more intent. I want to stop doing things I don’t like, stop hanging around people that don’t bring substance to my life and stop dating men that don’t bring anything valuable. I want to stop mindlessly buying things – from clothes to shoes to groceries. I want to be mindful of the things I say and write and watch and read. I want to customize my life exactly how I want so that as many things as possible hold a greater meaning.

So far, living with intent has helped me clear a lot of junk. I’ve gotten rid of tons of things I don’t actually need, removed myself from relationships that were meaningless, and threw out thoughts that weren’t helpful. It helped me in my job search by making me decide what I want to dedicate my time to. Now, even when I’m doing nothing, I’m content. Now, I love every part of myself and even though my life is by no means perfect (and I don’t necessarily want it to be), I am falling more in love with my life. I know that despite not being where I want to be, living with intent will help me eventually get to that place and I am okay with it being a slow process.

It will probably take some wrestling with your thoughts before you become at peace with this paradox of life, but once you do your life can become so much more clear. You will understand yourself as a free and organic being, not just another cog in the system. You will become your most genuine, divine self who lives this meaningless life with purpose.