My top 10 picks of the week are not necessarily new songs, just songs that I’ve been playing on repeat. This week’s list is kind of all over the place in genres because I have kind of been all over the place but at least there’s something for everyone!

  1. Confidently Lost by Sabrina Claudio – Okay so remember my most recent post about me being uncertain about dating? Well, this R&B/Soul song perfectly embodies how I’m feeling. Claudio’s voice is smooth and aches with confidence as she sings “I’m alone but I’m not lonely/comfortably indulging/and trying to get to know me.” Her voice is complimented by some dope layering that gives such a chill and calming vibe it’s hard not to feel magical when listening to it. If you end up liking this song I definitely recommend checking out her entire EP.
  2. Kaputt by Destroyer – I’m not sure if this is a thing, but this is what I call a “cinematic song”. It’s one of those songs that creates a movie in my head filled with colors like electric blue, fuchsia, soft yellow, and deep black. The way all of the instruments overlap and interact with one another, mixed with a heavy bass and dreamy vocals, produce this really spacey dream world that I want to escape to any chance I can get. I recommend this if you’re into abstract jazz-influenced tunes.
  3. In the Midst by Sir Was – This groovy Alternative jam makes me want to hit the road and set up camp in Big Sur or maybe Joshua Tree or just anywhere that I can be alone and stargaze while getting caught up “in the midst” of this world and its strange existence.
  4. Honey Bones by DOPE LEMON – Ever heard of the indie-pop brother-sister duo Angus & Julia Stone? Well DOPE LEMON is Angus Stone’s solo experiment where he delves into more psychedelic and eclectic sounds. I love how the sounds and words are played with ease, like these guys were just rocking out in their garage or something when they recorded it. The sound feels so intimate and it’s hella groovy.
  5. Run by Offaiah – Argentinian DJ Offaiah should NOT be slept on. This dance track is high energy with a quirky flute hook and a heavy piano that leads the song in. If I do not hear this song this summer when I’m at a club on the dance floor, I will walk out. There is just no excuse for this song not to get some heavy spin time.
  6. On My Mind by Disciples – This house track has definitely been on my mind every night. Sure the catchy vocals make it more of a pop track, but there is no denying the deep ominous voice and heavy beats make it a great house track.
  7. E MO TION by Carly Rae Jepson – Judge me all you want, I don’t care. I’m not usually into pop, it’s a little too sweet and clean-cut for me sometimes (as you can tell I have an ear for music a little more abstract), and this track is pure pop, like 80’s pop, which actually could explain why I favor it. I grew up listening to 80’s pop because it was always playing at family functions. This song is super fun, with great energy and I love the vocal arrangments. CRJ has a really good voice and this sound fits really well with her. I recommend playing this song in your car and singing it at the top of your lungs. It is the only way.
  8. Portland (feat. Quavo & Travis Scott) by Drake – Alright so this is a bit of a switch up from Carly Rae, but “Portland” does have kind of a happy, upbeat sound to it so it can’t be too far off. Like I said before, I really love quirky sounds and beats, so I love the fact that Drake used a panpipe as the main beat on this track. You could tell he was having some fun with this one, which is only enhanced by having Quavo and Travis Scott on this one with him. This isn’t my #1 fav song off his playlist but it’s definitely up there. I’m still on the fence about Passionfruit.
  9. Caroline by Amine – This song gives me old school 90’s rap and r&b vibes and I am heeerrrreeee for it. It makes you want to bounce and smile and just act a fool. His personality really shines through on this and I can’t wait to hear more from him.
  10. Deja Vu (feat. Justin Beiber) by Post Malone – Two words: SUMMER JAM. With its tropical vibes and sexy, smooth lyrics, I am definitely going to cha-cha my way into summer with this one.