My name is Marysol Flores. I am a writer, Xicana, and feminist. I spend most of my days tending to this bold garden of words, hoping the stories I tell inspire change and conversation.

As a girl, I was taught that my questions and thoughts were all back-talk, a means of disrespect. This was used to silence me. I learned that, as a woman, to even speak your mind in a public discussion is to resist the patriarchal image of the silent speak-when-spoken-to woman. The Talking Flower is a response to these notions.

Through the use of personal essay, poetry, and fiction, The Talking Flower gives me a chance to use my voice in whatever form I like. The opinion section “Big Mouth Strikes Again” is my take on politics and life.

I hope my writing can inspire you to speak up, speak out, and talk back! Enjoy.

If you like my writing and want me to do more, you can donate to PayPal.Me/mariflower. I appreciate all the support I can get!

For booking and freelance inquiries email marysolletiflores@gmail.com.

Follow me on Twitter for the latest updates @TalkingFlowher and Facebook at The Talking Flower.


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